Every Student. Every Campus. Every Nation.


One Voice Student Missions exists to see students SAVED through the good news of Jesus, DISCIPLED to walk out His lifestyle and SENT out to the nations and all spheres of society as His witnesses.


One Voice is more than a movement or a ministry, it’s a message. This message is simple, “God is not done with the High Schools of America.” Every message needs a messenger, and that is our assignment. Our community is composed of people from different nations, backgrounds, churches, and ministries. Together, we labor to reach students and campuses across America, and soon the world, with the Good News of Jesus. We have been called by God to save the lost and awaken the Church to the reality of the mission Field that lies before Her. We are missionaries to students. We are missionaries to campuses. We are messengers to the nations of the world.




In 2009, while at a summer youth camp, the Lord shared his heart with Brian Barcelona concerning the high schools of America. God said that He was going to save them and that He wanted to partner with Brian’s life to do it. He said that this movement would see the restoration of prayer on public campuses. 

A few months later, Brian went onto his first campus, Elk Grove High School, to preach the gospel in the bible club. As the year passed, Brian continued to minister and many students were saved; however, the weekly bible club gathering did not see the sustainable growth that he had anticipated. As the year came to an end, Brian was doubting and discouraged, unable to see how the high schools of America were going to be saved. In that moment, the Lord spoke again. 

“If you go to this campus, Laguna Creek High, I will show you what I’m about to release in the high schools of America”. 


In 2010, Brian received a divine dream in which He saw massive salvation coming to a high school in Los Angeles, California. In quick response to what He saw, Brian left Elk Grove and moved to Southern California – seeking a move of God on the campuses of Los Angeles. It was not long after his arrival that a community of campus missionaries united and formed One Voice Student Missions.


That next summer, on August 6th, 2011, following a massive salvation of students in Brian’s city, 1000 people (mostly students) gathered together in an open field. Coming from all over and representing various campuses, they fasted and prayed for revival in the high schools of America.



In September 2013, our One Voice missional team found itself on the campus of Roosevelt High School. Our first meeting was small, yet powerful. 6 students attended and club was hosted in the obscure 2nd floor room, RH1. Attendance numbers and room needs would quickly change however, for within a month, the bible club grew to 450 students! We soon were meeting in the gym and hundreds of students were getting saved. From this fruit of rapid growth and massive salvations on various campuses, the model for training churches and empowering CAMPUS MISSIONARIES, both in high school and out of high school, was born. 


History has taught us time and time again that youth play vital role in global movements. Whether those movements are positive or negative, social or moral, youth have always been the variable that determines the outcome of history. We live in a time, in America, when our youth are suffering one of the greatest injustices ever witnessed. Our public campuses in this nation have for many years been deprived of the good news of Jesus. Today’s generation is considered America’s most UNCHURCHED. But we believe now more than ever that this can change. Alone this is impossible but TOGETHER this will become the new reality. We at One Voice Student Missions believe it is no longer appropriate to wait for students to come to us, but now is the time to take the gospel to them. Church planting is being redefined. Students are experiencing authentic church community every week, during lunch. There are 14.7 MILLION unreached high school students in America, today. NOW is the time for this massive harvest to be welcomed into the family of God. We are excited that our history has now met your present. Let’s reach every campus, TOGETHER!