Brian Barcelona is the visionary and founder of One Voice Student Missions. He was an atheist who in 2007, at age sixteen had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. Brian first received his call from God to reach high schools in 2009 and has given his life since then to reach students all over America. Brian’s passion is that every high school student in the nation-and the nations will hear the Good News of Jesus and be saved, discipled and sent out.

One Voice Student Missions was founded in Northern California with Brian and a group of high schools students. He started by preaching the Gospel in the high schools there and began seeing thousands saved. Jesus Clubs grew as big as six hundred students gathering every week during lunch on various high school campuses.

Brian and his wife, Marcela, along with their daughter live in Los Angeles, California with thier missional community, One Voice Student Missions

What happens when a teenage convert from atheism hears a challenge from the Lord–and decides to act on it? This true story is the catalyst for a move of God that is taking the high schools of America for Jesus.

Brian Barcelona, a dynamic leader on the forefront of youth evangelism, recounts how he answered God’s call on his life with dramatic and miraculous results. Just a few months out of high school, Brian obeyed God’s directive to return to his alma mater and preach the gospel to the kids in the Bible club. Suddenly lives began to be changed. Hearts were saved. Numbers grew. Soon other schools joined in, sparking a youth revival in which thousands of teens are letting Jesus heal their lives.

This remarkable story will inspire you to reach out to others, particularly young people, and believe that God will equip you for the call he gives you. Let your heart be energized through simple acts of obedience and watch as God does mighty things!


The story of how God has used Brian Barcelona in high school campuses through One Voice Student Missions is one that has changed the lives of thousands of students across the country. I personally have seen and believe that now more than ever there is a window of opportunity that we must seize to reach the youth of this nation right where they are every day. The awakening of local churches to reach youth is happening like never before, and everyone is asking, “How do we reach the next generation?” One Voice Student Missions is wisely and strategically using the local church as a focal point to sponsor the mission field where the Good News still can be shared. While that window remains open, now is the time of salvation and discipleship! This book is one I would recommend you read—to get inspired but also to realize what is possible and that you can live out these stories in your city campuses as well. You will be moved and challenged, not to just sit back in the church seats as “consumers,” but to be moved, to go and love students unconditionally. If you’re a student, pastor or leader, I encourage everyone to see this model and book of testimonies as a way that we as the body can be unified in our vision to see Jesus lifted high for all to see!

Nick Vujicic, president, Life Without Limbs


“That school year changed many lives, and i realized that one of those lives it has changed the most was mine. i never left a meeting without being amazed at God and what he was doing. god has once proved his unfailing faithfulness.”

-Brian Barcelona