For the past years since 2009, through the model of Church Planting on the high school campuses, One Voice Student Missions has seen thousands of students saved without having to leave the campus grounds.  We have been able to train not just students, but Local Youth Pastors, in how to reach their local high school. In no way are we competing against other amazing ministries that exist. The only difference is, we believe in empowering The Church as a major support, to local bible clubs across the country, allowing for dreams and students of the clubs to flourish with the proper resources to be sustained. What makes us unique, is every campus we are in is adopted by a church, meaning, the church supports that bible club in 3 ways: Financially (Food and Bibles ECT), Availability (Discipleship/Campus Outreaches and Weekly Bible Club), and Spiritually ( Prayer for that Campus). We know the local church is vital for spiritual growth, and want every student in our clubs to share that value so when High School is over, gathering weekly continues. 

We know, more than many, the red tape of separation of church and state which has put much of the church in a posture of fear for no reason. In reality, there are many laws which actually protect faith based clubs which are student led. We plant youth churches (AKA bible clubs) on campuses, and fuel them with all the resources from the local church to not only see students saved in mass, but also enabled with a spiritual covering to have every need met to see fruit that remains. Imagine with us, bible clubs across America having the biblical foundations and covering of a local church who is not there for a year or two, but for decades! 

In 2013, Brian Barcelona, stepped foot on the campus of Roosevelt High, partnered with Uriel, a high school senior who was the president of the bible club that year.  With the help and guidance from Brian with his One Voice team, Uriel, could have never imagined what happened next: 1) the club exceeding past the classroom capacity and, 2) he could actually steward the club.  Years later, the club continues on in the gym, and students who received Jesus in our early meetings are now the bible club leaders discipling ones who will be there after they graduate. So the answer is, YES!, with local church oversight, guidance, and support it is possible! 

High School years are some of the most formative, and while many do not go to college, almost everyone goes through high school. Forty percent of students who graduate won’t go to a university, which means if the only place we reach them is college, we have missed almost HALF the harvest! Studies have also shown, that the time when two thirds of people who make their initial decision to receive Christ is before the age of 18. Our opinion, we need to redirect our resources to where the most people can be saved and lead those decisions into strong discipleship. 

John Piper says this about the great commission: You are either a Goer, a Sender, or you are disobedient.  As parents or volunteers, not only are you the pastors of your homes and community, but you play such a vital role in helping raise students in the Word of God. PRAYER is also a major role to their lives as well as SOWING, to see their dreams on the campuses come alive! Whether it is by means of finances, or time spent to help facilitate with the local church who has adopted the campus, you can also reach the school with The Gospel! If, when you were younger you didn’t get the chance to impact your school, don’t worry, there’s still breathe in your lungs, there’s time now!

The term, “Student Led,” is often used in campus ministry circles and is a great concept, but to be realistic, most students have sports, friends, home work, finals and very little money. One Voice Student Missions method is, “Student Led, One Voice Fed.” Meaning, every campus we are in, the local church which has adopted it meets and serves the needs of that bible club with bibles, food, and/or staff to support the club on the campus.