I was two years old when my parents, three siblings and I began traveling in ministry in Oklahoma. We used to wake up at 6am Sunday every weekend, pile in our gold dodge caravan and travel hours away to minister in different churches. When I was four years old, at a little church in Sand Springs, OK, my parents “lovingly” (haha) threw me up on stage before they ministered and told me to sing “Jesus Loves Me”. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was a moment that would ultimately set me on the course to fulfilling the destiny that God had placed on my life, even as I was being formed in my mom’s tummy.

Now, when I said that we began traveling in ministry to different churches many of you may have pictured churches like this

For 16 years of my life I traveled with my parents, singing at every single service before my dad would take the stage to preach to the people. Some years we’d preach in over 100 churches. Sometimes there would be just 10 to 20 people in audience, there was even an experience or two where we showed up to a small town church and the only people there were the pastor, his wife, and my family! It was in situations like these that I would roll my eyes when my dad called me up to sing, thinking that me singing would simply prolong an already awkward situation. But  no matter what circumstance we faced throughout the 16 years of traveling with my parents, I could ALWAYS count on my dad to call me up on stage to sing before he preached.

The churches that my family and I would to travel often looked like this

” It was in front of those 10 to 20 at a couple hundred churches in Oklahoma, that I learned how to sing in front of thousands and even most recently, millions. My parents would tell me, “you’re not getting up on that stage to entertain the people, you are getting up there to bring Hope to the people.” Those words attached themselves to my heart in ways that I couldn’t understand as a young kid and even as teenager.”

” My love for music took full bloom when I encountered two high school vocal music directors who saw the gift that was in me and encouraged me to pursue it in ways that no ever had. It was during those year under their tutelage that I really started cultivating my gift of music, and invest into it through things like voice lesson and music camps.”

” Those were definitely necessary years, but my life really changed when I got to college and realized that not only was I given a gift, but I was given a gift that the world NEEDED. God was calling me to be a voice of Hope and Romans 8:19 said, “creation waits in eager expectation for the sons (and daughters) of God TO BE REVEALED.” I finally realized that what my parents told me was true, I wasn’t given this gift to simply entertain people I was given this because people were in need of Hope. That’s why I had been given this gift of music.”

 I began pursuing a career as a solo artist in 2012 with the goal being very simple, to create and sing music for a world in need of Hope.

In 2016 I was given the opportunity to share my voice with America (and the world) on a show called, “The Voice”. For my blind audition I sang Pharrell Williams song “Happy”..IN FRONT OF PHARRELL 😱. Thankfully he turned his chair 😅. As we’re talking after my audition one thing led to another and Pharrell asked me to sing “Jesus Loves Me”…in front of all of America.

I’ll be honest, in that moment I felt like I was four year old Brian again, thrown up on stage at a little church in Sand Springs, OK and told to sing “Jesus Love Me”. Except this time I knew exactly why I was singing…to be a voice of Hope.

The point: I’m telling my story to help you realize that there is something that God has placed inside of you that this world is in desperate need of. It’s time for you to let it loose.

Brian Nhira