Brian Barcelona and his wife, Marcela, have fully committed their lives to knowing Jesus and making Him known. They are called to reach lost people with the love of God, and are willing to do whatever it takes to see revival sweep across the high school campuses of America and the nations.

Brian carries a contagious passion in preaching and a gift of incredible faith. He travels nationally, sharing the word of the Lord deposited within him – “God wants to save the high schools of America!” Marcela works alongside Brian in One Voice leadership and on America’s campuses. Together, they have seen God do miraculous things on high school campuses all over the nation. They are believing that America’s campuses will have one of the largest revivals ever seen, with millions of students giving their lives to the Lord.

Brian and Marcela have a beautiful baby daughter, Zoe Rose, who accompanies them in the office and onto campuses.